Asia Pacific Adaptation Network


T​he Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) is a regional programme for managing and applying adaptation knowledge in the region, and supports governments and other organisations working on adaptation, with special emphases on the management of knowledge and capacity building. APAN is part of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)’s Global Adaptation Network (GAN). Since 2009 when APAN was launched, RRC.AP, together with the Institute of Global Environmental strategies (IGES) Regional Centre, has been hosting its Regional Hub under the guidance of the UNEP Regional Office for Asia-Pacific (ROAP) as secretariat of APAN, and expanding its network in the Asia-Pacific region.

APAN is governed by a Steering Committee that comprises renowned climate change scientists and senior government officials and representatives from donor agencies. APAN is supported by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, the Asian Development Bank, the USAID funded ADAPT Asia- Pacific project and others.

Our work in APAN

Science-Policy Interface

RRC.AP acts as a science-policy interface that aims to provide resources for adaptation policy setting to countries in the Asia-Pacific Region. RRC.AP intends to bridge the science-policy gap mainly through synthesizing scientific and experience-based knowledge generated by adaptation researchers and practitioners to be relevant and useful at all levels of the adaption planning process.

Currently RRC.AP undertakes two major projects aimed at bringing scientific and experience-based knowledge into the adaptation policy arena. For the detailed information, please click each project below. 

Knowledge Management

RRC.AP also provides the APAN community with knowledge management services; RRC.AP regularly disseminates updated adaptation information collected from APAN partners to over 5,600 subscribers of the E-communiqué Newsletter. In addition, RRC.AP contributes to agenda-setting of the APAN’s flagship event called the Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum, which facilitates regional-level 

Activities on Knowledge Management

Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum

As the flagship event of APAN, the Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum is the primary regional platform for adaptation practitioners to meet, share their learning and experiences, and work together towards the pertinent outcomes and practical solutions that are needed to address the challenges of climate change.

APAN has successfully convened the Forum since 2010, attracting more than 500 individuals who represent government agencies, research institutes and NGOs from over 50 countries. RRC.AP has substantially contributed to the Forum administration since the beginning; RRC.AP led to the establishment and operationalization of regional exchanges of adaptation knowledge and experiences by spearheading the Forum organization and publicity as its Secretariat in 2010 and 2012. 

5th Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum: Adapting and Living Below 2°C: Bridging the Gaps in Policy & Practice

​​17 - 19 October 2016 | Colombo, Sri Lanka

The 5th Forum theme “Adapting and Living below 2°C: Bridging the Gaps in Policy & Practice” will explore platforms and concrete pathways for even greater partnerships by governments, civil society, and business. With the growing interest and with the recognition of adaptation not only as a development imperative but as an existential one as well, we are looking forward to welcoming more than 800 participants who will be looking towards meaningful outcomes during the event.

Forum Streams
1.     Adaptation Planning
2.     Financing for Adaptation
3.     Climate Resilient Development
4.     Multi-actor Cross Learning
To register and to learn more about the Forum Streams, please visit the 5th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2016 website. 
For inquiries, contact:

​​​APAN E-communiqué Newsletter

With a subscription base of over 5,600 policy makers, researchers, students, and climate change practitioners, the E-communiqué releases up-to-date information on climate change adaptation activities, knowledge products, and events happening in the region. Since its first dissemination in 2010, 56 issues have been reached out to the APAN community. 

RRC.AP has been the main contributor for the monthly E-communiqué publication. RRC.AP gathers up from APAN partners and compile updated information on adaptation. RRC.AP is happy to spotlight your climate change adaptation activities, events and new initiatives. To be featured in the E-communiqué, please send a brief write-up and a web link to To subscribe to the newsletter, please click here.

The E-communiqué is part of the joint efforts initiated by the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia (AKP) and Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) to mobilize knowledge and build capacities for climate resilience.