Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific

The Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP) at the Asian Institute of Technology assists countries to advance their environment and sustainable development goals through the provision of capacity-building, knowledge sharing, policy advice, and research in three thematic areas: Climate Change, Air and Atmosphere, and Waste Management.

Capacity Building

Our training programmes and workshops equip participants with practical tools, insights, and the know-how to advance sustainable development action. We ensure that these activities are tailored  to address the specific needs and demands of each stakeholder.
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Knowledge sharing

We organize seminars, symposiums, consultations, conferences and webinars, and develop user-friendly outreach materials, with the aim to facilitate intergovernmental and cross-sector dialogue, knowledge exchange, and science-based knowledge transfer.
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Policy advice

We work closely with local, national and regional stakeholders to strengthen policy formulation and implementation.
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We believe problem-oriented data assessment and scientific research lead to strengthening the understanding of the environmental problems, eventually guiding to the solution.
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​​​​ Announcements

6th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum

Enabling Resilience for All: Avoiding the Worst Impacts The Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum, the flagship event of the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN), is the primary regional platform for adaptation practitioners to meet, share their learning and experiences, and work together towards the pertinent outcomes and practical solutions that are needed to address the challenges of climate change. More details...

Managing Project Preparation for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

This practical training program aims to help close existing capacity gaps to bridge an understanding of what constitutes an acceptable and fundable climate mitigation and/or adaptation project proposal, and enhance capacities to successfully manage the process of project identification and preparation to successful conclusion. The main target audience of the training are individuals in non-governmental organizations, consulting firms, academia, private sector representatives, and other agencies involved in planning processes or the development of project proposals on climate change adaptation or mitigation. Participants will learn through practical sessions led by two experts with wide experience in project preparation, and access to finance from the Green Climate Fund, Adaptation Fund, Climate Investment Funds, and others. More information on the content of the training, trainers, and registration instructions can be found here.

  • RRC.AP Co-organized a Conference Entitled “Bangkok Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation for Addressing Wildlife and Forest Crimes and Attaining SDGs”

    ​AIT RRC.AP was involved in providing live streaming services and co-organizing the conference entitled ‘Bangkok Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation for Addressing Wildlife and Forest Crimes and Attaining SDGs’ with AIT solution on 28-30 August 2018 in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.  The conference delved into three key issues governments are facing in their efforts to address illegal taking, trading and t... Read more..

  • RRC.AP Participated in Workshop Organized by Green Climate Fund

    ​RRC.AP attended the Learning-Oriented Real-Time Impact Assessment (LORTA) Design Workshop organized by the Independent Evaluation Unit of the Green Climate Fund on 24-26 July 2018 at the UN Service Building in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop was attended by 58 participants from 23 countries around the world including development agencies, international financial institutions, and accredited entities to the GCF. RRC.AP worked along w... Read more..

  • The 9th Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) Advisory Group Meeting

    ​RRCAP is a member organization to the Asian Co-benefits Partnership (ACP) launched in 2010, with Secretariat hosted by Institute of Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Headquarters, Japan.  The ACP seeks to collaborate with organizations working to mainstream co-benefits into decision making process in Asia. Many actions mitigate climate change while simultaneously delivering other development benefits such as cleaner air, h... Read more..


Thematic Areas

Air and Atmospheric Pollution

The RRC.AP has been hosting the Secretariat of major intergovernmental and technical support networks, such as the Malé Declaration on Control and Prevention of Air Pollution and its Likely Transboundary Effects for South Asia (Malé Declaration) since 1998, the Atmospheric Brown Cloud (ABC) Programme since its operation in 2002 and is currently an implementing partner to the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET). More ...

Climate Change

Currently, the Climate Change Cluster's services are geared towards building capacity and skills in government officials and other stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific to effectively access climate finance, advance climate change adaptation action, and enhance disaster risk reduction efforts More...

Waste Management

The Waste Management Cluster  focus on connecting scientific understanding on waste issues with sound policies at regional, national, and local levels through research and assessment, policy support, capacity development, and secretariat functions and partnership.   More ...

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