Sixth Regional Training Programme

As part of the capacity building in QA/QC, five regional level training programmes have been held so far. The sixth Regional Training Program and Refresher Course on monitoring trans-boundary air pollution was held at AIT Conference Center, Thailand from 25 to 28 March, 2008. Twenty-one participants from the national implementation agencies and national focal point supporting the monitoring programme under the Malé Declaration from six countries attended the training programme.

Exclusive training program on air pollution monitoring

In March, 2008, an exclusive training programme was organized for 2 newly recruited technicians from the Department of Environment (DoE) Bangladesh in the Asian Institute of Technology. The training focused on basics of air pollution monitoring as well as advanced methods, such as use of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), for laboratory analysis. This training programme has enhanced the capacity of the DoE laboratory in Kulna, which conducts the monitoring activities under the Mal? Declaration. >