Policy Formulation and Management

What We Do

Existing greater challenges in environment management for climate change mitigation, adaptation and other fields of sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region are due to the lack of commitment from stakeholders, weak participation, weaknesses in policies, weak standards and regulations, and lack of information on the state of the environment and impacts on human health. Even when policies are in place, there is often a need to develop strategies to enable their implementation, especially developing the knowledge and capacity of local governments.
RRC.AP provides the following services to strengthen the policy formulation and implementation:
  • Assessment and monitoring of existing policies and strategies that address environmental impacts, their drivers and measures, facilitating the policy-setting processes with science-based knowledge;
  • Preparation of state of the environment reports and policy briefs for air quality, water quality, climate change mitigation and adaptation, waste management, and other segments of sustainable development;
  • Development of recommendations based on pilot project studies and lessons learnt;
  • Organization of seminars, symposiums, workshops and trainings for scientists and policy makers, including high level consultations, to transfer science-based knowledge, prepare policy briefs, and develop recommendations to policy makers for a better science-policy interface in collaboration with other units and schools of AIT;
  • Support for the development of national and local action plans and strategies;
  •  Integration of climate change adaptation into development planning.