Advancement of Science

What We do

Problem-oriented data assessment and scientific research lead to strengthening the understanding of the environmental problems, eventually guiding to the solution. Asia and the Pacific are facing severe environmental emergencies due to rapid industrialization, urbanization, forest-degradation, inappropriate land use and planning, and increasing population growth. Due to these factors, problems of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and mismanagement of solid waste are seriously compromising human health. RRC.AP, through the involvement of other AIT units and schools, renders the following services to its clients, strengthening the understanding of science of environmental issues:
  • Monitoring of pollutants;
  • Modeling activities to increase the understanding on the impacts;
  • Inventory development for pollutants;
  • Propose technological measures for mitigation of pollutants;
  • Propose recommendations for mitigation;
  • Promotion of technologies for sustainable development.