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Third Run of the Climate Change Downscaler Training Workshop

03-Jun-2019- 04-Jun-2019
Pathumthani, Thailand

RRC.AP convened a Third run of the two-day Downscaler Training Workshop on 3-4 June 2019 at the AIT Conference Centre. The Workshop brought 13 participants and observers from Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam as well as the Geoinformatics Centre of AIT. The workshop offered hands-on exercises focused on training participants to engage with the downscaling assessment system called S8 Si-CAT Downscaler, developed by the University of Tsukuba, in order to make local climate change projections and assessments.

The workshop aimed to enhance the understanding of current and future climate conditions at the local level, induced by both global warming and land use policies and plans, and to develop participants' skills for utilizing the S8 SI-CAT Downscaler. The workshop also included a presentation by the Ministry of Environment, Japan on the Asia Pacific Adaptation Information Platform (AP-PLAT)

Two representatives from the University of Tsukuba and the Center for Environmental Science in Saitama led the practical sessions and gave participants the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the developers of the downscaler. Participants were also invited to conduct their own climate simulations after the training, under the coordination of the RRC.AP.

Based on self-assessments, participants demonstrated significant knowledge increases on Global Climate Models and projections, grid-based climate data, dynamical vs. statistical downscaling methods. Overall, participants demonstrated to have an understanding of the relevance of downscaled data in assessments, planning, and the overall activities for climate change-related work

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