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Meeting of the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

06-Jul-2019- 08-Jul-2019
Songdo, South Korea

​Winston Chow of RRC.AP travelled to the Headquarters of the Green Climate Fund to attend the 23rd Meeting of the Board of the GCF on 6-8 July 2019. RRC.AP, representing the Asian Institute of Technology is accredited as an observer organization to the GCF. Earlier this year, the GCF Secretariat listed AIT as one of 28 organizations under a global network of climate change experts, through its Communities of Practice (CoP), to deliver knowledge in support of GCF activities. The recognition comes after the long-term effort of RRC.AP in building capacities for direct access to climate finance in the region since 2016. The RRC.AP is holding discussions with the GCF Secretariat with an aim to synergize activities to build capacities to access climate finance.

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