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Environment Assessment Series in Celebration of RRC.AP’s 30th Anniversary, Air Pollution Awareness Workshop on Impacts of PM2.5

03-Apr-2019- 03-Apr-2019
Bangkok, Thailand

​In celebration of the three decades of service to Asia and the Pacific, RRC.AP is organizing a series of workshop, seminars, and movie nights among others to raise awareness on the environment. The series which will run from April to August 2019 aims to inspire and provoke conversations between stakeholders on pertinent issues on air pollution, climate change, and waste management which we all face today as individuals and as a society.
The Environment awareness series kicked off with the “Air Pollution Awareness Workshop on Impacts of PM2.5” on 3 April 2019 held in AIT Bangkok. The workshop provided an overview on the current issues and situations on PM2.5 in Thailand, the knowledge about the air quality, and the recommendations and measures to mitigate air pollution. The workshop covered the health effects of PM2.5, current situation in Bangkok, its sources, measures taken by the government and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and their effectiveness, and measures. The result of the recent study on PM2.5 in Thailand was also presented during the workshop. More details...

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