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4th NIES Forum on Sustainable Future in Asia

23-Jan-2019- 25-Jan-2019
Hanoi, Vietnam

​RRC.AP in collaboration with National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science(IR3S) and Vietnam Japan University (VJU) is organizing the 4th International Forum on Sustainable Future in Asia hosted in Haoi, Vietnam from 23-24 January 2019. The director of RRC.AP, Mr. Naoya Tsukamoto, delivered a remarkable speech for the opening session addressing the glabal issues we are facing in current climate change Irena. He also presents and shares the experiences of RRC.AP in building endogenous capacity in Asia and the Pacific to access climate fund. Additionally, three faculties from AIT also joined RRC.AP at NIES forum to deliver their presentations on their topic below:

  • Synergies of Urban Adaptation to Flood Risk, Public Open Space and Solid Waste Management by Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon.
  • The Mekong River Basin under Environmental Change: Evidence from Modelling Studies by Dr. Sangam Shrestha.
  • Climate Change Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector: Strategies for Rice Cultivation in Asian Context by Dr. Avishek Datta.

AIT- RRC.AP was a co-organiser to the forum, along with the National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan (NIES), The University of Tokyo Institutes for Advanced Studies Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (UR3S), and Vietnam Japan University (VJU).

Also, RRC.AP's Thida Tieng was among the 6 presenters that won the best poster presentation. The two-day event gathered approximately 150 participants and featured 55 posters and 34 presentations.  The first forum was held in January 2016 in the premises of the Asian Institute of Technology.

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