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Training Programme on Developing Project Proposals on Climate Change Mitigation

Bangkok, Thailand

The Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP) in partnership with the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), under the umbrella of the Climate Change Asia (CCA), and with the generous financial support from the Ministry of Environment, Japan, delivered the pilot training on Developing Project Proposals on Climate Change Mitigation between 12 and 16 December 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Having consulted the target countries, RRC.AP designed the training programme covering a detailed introduction to the process of developing bankable project proposals complemented by hands-on exercises. In response to the needs expressed by the target countries, the training programme was developed focusing exclusively on project proposals for the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The GCF allows for and promotes direct access, which means that projects can be developed, managed and implemented entirely by national accredited entities.

Therefore, strengthening of project development capacities at national (beneficiary country) level is of paramount importance. The training programme aimed to contribute to the deployment of clean technologies and the advancement of low-emission climate-resilient development by establishing a cadre of skilled personnel in Asia able to prepare bankable projects.

The training programme targeted staff from government agencies responsible for, and involved in, various capacities, in the development of project proposals. The selection of appropriate participants was carried out in consultation and cooperation with relevant national institutions, which were visited during October 2016 and further approached during November 2016. Twenty trainees from six Asian countries successfully completed the training, which involved the preparation of outlines and draft concept notes of projects to be submitted to the GCF. Further mentoring to the trainees is being planned.

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